No more fears or judgement

TRUST is THE online parenting course designed to teach you how to confidently and correctly train good behavior, discipline without overreacting and maintain authority without damaging the relationship. Whether you are a brand new mom or have a few years under your belt, Parenting with TRUST is the parenting resource you need to establish a safe and happy home with order and authority!

The Doors To TRUST are Closed

Ready to raise really great kids?

The Doors To TRUST are Closed


And I want you to know that you can end parenting fear and judgment, be a confident parent, and have the family you always dreamed of!  

As a devoted mom, I know what it feels like to want the very best for your child and know that you are getting this parenting thing right! More than anything, I want to help you train good behavior, discipline without overreacting, and learn how to tailor your parenting to your child's heart, for maximum success!  

Although some obstacles require more work than others, most problems have a solution. And that is what I’m all about… the solution!  

In my own family, I have seen first hand just how powerful consistency, follow through, proper discipline, and relationship is for raising truly exceptional children and building a strong family.  

Twelve years ago, I made it my mission in life to win a parenting award! Problem is, people don’t really give parenting awards out!? Crazy, right?  

So, instead of keeping to myself, all the insight, knowledge and expertise I learned and discovered in my pursuit of raising great kids, I put it all into an online parenting course - to help other moms who are determined to do the same! I have no doubt that Parenting with TRUST can make a powerful difference in your family too.


What is Parenting with T.R.U.S.T. and how is it different?

Parenting with TRUST applies clear strategies to the five pillars of parenting, to train the habits you want, regulate your child's behavior, develop a cherished relationship, and build an awesome family dynamic! 

Through step by step instructions, real-life examples, and guided workbook, the Parenting with TRUST course will give you the assurance, confidence, and skills you need to raise well-behaved, well-adjusted, loving children, so you can feel confident you are getting it right, enjoy motherhood, take much needed time for yourself, and build an extraordinary family. 

And because learning styles vary as much as personalities, you'll find both video teaching and written lessons, as well as a workbook with guided reflection questions to help you grasp the exact steps to take for raising your unique child well! Then to make it all stick, you'll put your plan in action with a printable action-plan workbook of your very own! 

With swift results jam-packed into each of the 28 lessons, you can improve problem areas quickly and immediately grow closer to your child, while continually refining and improving your over-all parenting strategy and family dynamic!  

But that's not all you get...  

Yes, really... there's more!  

Because we know that raising great kids is an increasingly tall order in today's culture, we want you to be more than equipped, we want you to be ARMED!  

To help you keep your child safe, every purchase of TRUST PRO comes with our Stranger Safety Awareness guide, created by my SIRA Security trained husband. We created this resource to equip you with priceless information on identifying danger when out in public, as well as how to teach your child to keep safe!  

Additionally, you'll receive:  

  • Trouble Shooting Bad Behavior guide for fixing problems on the fly 
  • Shelley's 28 Day Parenting Devotional for studying biblical parenting 
  • Printable prayer cards 
  • Private FB group access to the course creator to answer your questions 
  • and a very special bonus video detailing how to silence the negative voices that try to ruin your parenting efforts  

With a total value of over $90, TRUST PRO is not only powerful but an incredible value too at just $57!

The Doors To TRUST are Closed

Discipline without overreacting!

How would you feel if that special child of yours grew to be an extraordinary human? Knowing you are intentionally taking steps everyday to raise a child that is well-behaved and a joy to be around can only make your own life more fulfilled and meaningful in return. That is exactly what TRUST is all about!

No more judgement or fear... just a great kid!

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Over a $90 Value!


  •  the right behavior, right from the start
  • first-time obedience 
  • change bad behavior and train good behavior 
  • understand your child's needs and connect to the heart 
  • the secret to parenting follow through 
  • cultivate a culture of family unity in your home 
  • child responsibility 
  • child communication skills 
  • create good habits in place of bad 
  • printable workbook to plan, strategize, and implement 
  • get the whole family on board 
  • videos to walk you through
  • 5 units, 28 lessons, 7 videos, dozens of printables 

⭐️ email support 


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Just the Basics


  • course videos
  • written course material
  • printable workbook to plan, strategize, and impliment 


Get a Video Glimpse 

  • 5 TRUST Video Series
  • Preview all that TRUST has to offer
  • Upgrade at any time!

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What are people saying about Shelley's teaching?

"Shelley was literally a godsend after we had our first child. I soaked up everything she said... I’ll be honest – it wasn’t easy… But it was SO worth it!!!"  


"I want to thank you for... sharing your parenting resourses. They have created a more black and white practical application version of what has been swirling around in my new mom brain. Your resources have given me a renewed confidence and excitement for being a mother to train my children to love Jesus and be all around excellent humans."  


"My husband and I love the tips and ebook...I’m looking forward to having a more deliberate (and less snap-to) approach to parenting/training. We even started using some of your ideas {while traveling.} It took a day or two, but she started to “get it” and I felt less like a mean, crazy mom! 


Learn the secret to parenting consistency!


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